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B&G Chartered Structural Engineers


We offer complete building design services from the concept stage to completion on site. We carry out feasibility studies and risk assessments while ensuring our clients best interests.

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Concept Design and Scheming

This is the first stage structural designing for a new project. The viability and feasibility of the project is considered at this early stage, as well as the choice of materials and the forms of construction.

We will take into consideration the nature and geology of the site, the layout, the environmental factors, the risks and constraints on the site, the location and access amongst other things. We will produce hand sketches to illustrate different viable options to the client. The choice of foundations, structural stability, robustness, durability, and load path are defined at this stage.

B+G Chartered Structural Engineers
B+G Chartered Structural Engineers

Structural Analysis and Design

We have worked for clients in the commercial, educational, industrial, retail, leisure, sports, healthcare, residential, and transport sectors as well as for local authorities.

  • Analysis and design of all steel elements including steel frames, trusses and steel to steel connections using analysis software packages such as Tekla, Masterseries, CADS 3D Analyse and AutoCAD.
  • Analysis and design of timber and masonry elements including trusses, retaining structures and structural piers.
  • Analysis and design of RC structures to include shallow and deep foundations such as rafts and piles, caissons and retaining structures.

Structural Surveys and Inspections

A structural survey is a very important document and can provide you with peace of mind if you are looking for before buying a property. Purchasing a property is often one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime, ensuring that the property you buy is structurally sound before signing on the dotted line is essential.

A structural survey will include full descriptions of any visible defects within the property as well as any hidden problems. It will also outline any suggested repair work and offer advise on any potentially dangerous risks.

When we provide you with our structural report, we will  comment on the general condition of the property, outline any areas of concern and suggest solutions where possible.
Structural surveys are not only useful when buying a property, as stated before, they are also useful if you are planning to do any extensive building works or renovations as it will help to identify any potential problems before the work starts and before any damage is caused.

B+G Chartered Structural Engineers

Structural drawings and 3D modelling

Drawings and 3D modeling will help you see and better understand what is feasible and what isn’t feasible with your project. That greater involvement and understanding of both the architectural and engineering aspects of your project puts you more in control of both costs and outcomes.


Expert Witness

We act on behalf of claimants and defendants, and also as single joint experts, in cases across the UK.

We can provide advice in the following items:

  • Professional negligence
  • Structural failures and collapse
  • Earthwork failures
  • Accident investigation
  • Damage from fire, flood or explosion
  • Failure of foundations
  • Basement construction
  • Site appraisal and investigation issues
B+G Chartered Structural Engineers
B+G Chartered Structural Engineers

Building Regulation Calculations

We provide building regulation drawings and specifications for Extension, Loft conversion, Buildings, etc, and liaise with building control to gain approvals.


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We offer a professional service which is second to none.


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Our experience and drive to solve problems is key to our business, we love to get the job over the line with minimal fuss and 100% clarity.

B+G Chartered Structural Engineers
B+G Chartered Structural Engineers
B+G Chartered Structural Engineers